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About Rotana

Rotana, Today: A Global Media Powerhouse
We built the largest libraries of Arabic films and music. Also we are the largest producer of new films, music records and video clips. We carefully acquired this content and added to it. Rotana is established as the largest and single most successful Arab media company in the Middle East, with offices in Jeddah, Kuwait, Dubai, Beirut and Cairo. But our reach extents for further than that - we dominate the Arabic movie world, we supply broadcast and cable television services across the Middle East, North Africa and into southern Europe. Our music publishing and sales operation adds third party distribution partners throughout the rest of Europe and North America, and we’re about to add South America.

Our Portfolio
Rotana Broadcast services
Rotana Cinema
Rotana Khalijiya
audiovisual arts.
Rotana Zaman
Rotana Musica
Rotana Clip
Our partner channels Fox Series and Fox Movies
Rotana Audio
Rotana Media Services
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Rotana Emerging Business
Rotana Café
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Rotana Magazine

Vacancies at Rotana

We're sorry. At the moment there doesn't seem to be any opportunities from Rotana. Why not try a general search for Rotana on MTV Lebanon for other possible opportunities?